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Linda Stay

Current Job

Teacher (Middle Management/ Geography Co-ordinator)

Claires Court Schools, Berkshire

Key stage: 2

Subjects: A full range of subjects at primary level

Training Overview

September 2011 to July 2012

Claires Court Schools, Berkshire

Key stage: 2

Subjects: Full subject range

Training Provider: E-Qualitas

Degree: Children's Development and Learning - University of Reading

Training Experience

Reflecting on my ITT year is an enjoyable and positive process. I was lucky to undertake my ITT with e-Qualitas and my visiting tutor was very supportive. Claires Court School also provided me with an excellent Lead Based Trainer and School Based Trainer. I remember my tutor's initial visit and lesson observation and can clearly see how much the training process improved my teaching. The lesson was English and although my behaviour management was good, I made the mistake of too much teacher talk! I learnt that the best lessons were those where the children were challenged and fully involved in an activity, learning from their own experience and reflecting on the outcomes.

My second school placement was an exceptional experience. I worked at Dorney Primary School for six weeks. The school is an LEA school in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. I learnt a variety of behaviour management strategies, creative teaching, being a risk taker in planning lessons and using the ‘Learning Tools’.

The ‘Learning Tools’ are visual symbols used to promote pupil’s metacognition. They make children think about how they are learning and which skills they should be using during lessons. The teacher introduces the lesson and asks the children to identify between 3 or 4 symbols which represent the main learning skills they will need to apply. For example, a lesson where children are expected to work independently the children would choose the motor bike helmet symbol which means manage your distractions. They may also choose the glue stick symbol which is a resilience tool representing stick with the task. I still use the tools today and other teachers of the school have started using them in their lessons.

At the beginning of my ITT I thought I would like to teach art lessons to all year groups. My weakest subject was geography. During my training I learnt that I love art and don’t mind teaching it, however, I prefer it as my hobby at home. I have also learnt that I love geography and I am now Geography Co-ordinator! It just shows how much we can learn about ourselves during the training period.

My NQT year was also a positive experience. On completion of my ITT I became a Voluntary Buddy for e-Qualitas which required me to mentor five new trainees. At Claires Court School I became a Junior Boys Year 5 Form Teacher and Geography Co-ordinator.

My teaching career has continued to progress at Claires Court School. I am now Lead Buddy for e-Qualitas mentoring other buddies and trainee teachers. For the last three academic years I have co-produced the Junior Boys School end of term production, including adapting well known stories into script form. My job role, at the Junior Boys School, consists of a Year 5 Form Teacher, Geography Co-ordinator, Common Room Committee Chair and, from September 2014, I will be on the Middle Management Team heading the Pupil Voice programme.

I joined Claires Court as a Teaching Assistant. I was so inspired by my colleagues that I wanted to become a teacher and with the support of the school have fulfilled my ambition. Claires Court not only help their pupils reach their full potential but also their staff.

I intend to continue teaching in the independent sector.

Engagement with wider school life

Running a drama activity after school, member of staff on two outward bound adventure weekends, staffing a tombola stand at the summer fair, helping produce the end of term production and organising and running our Year 4 Chembakolli day.