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Trainee Case Studies from Independent Schools

Find out from the teachers below what it’s like to train and teach in a variety of independent schools:

Harriet Dyke

"I have never learnt so much so quickly, and from such a range of experts"

Training school: King Edward VI High School for Girls, Birmingham.

Training provider: King Edward’s Consortium

Key stages: 3 & 4

Subjects: French and Spanish

Daniel Maitland

"Very positive experience overall, I was able to take on more responsibility quickly"

Training school: Aysgarth School, North Yorkshire

Training provider: Carmel College, Darlington

Key stages: 2 & 3

Subjects: English, maths, science and French

Linda Stay

"I can clearly see how much the training process improved my teaching"

Training school: Claires Court Schools, Berkshire

Training provider: E-Qualitas

Key stage: 2

Subjects: Full subject range

Phil Sturt

"I learnt very quickly and improved a lot over a short period of time"

Training school: Durham School, Durham.

Training provider:

Subjects: Biology

Kate Taylor

"I could implement the things I was learning immediately and see their effect"

Training school: Wisbech Grammar School, Cambridgeshire.

Training provider: Cambridge Partnership

Key stages: 3, 4 & 5

Subjects: Geography and Religious Studies

Louisa Whitworth

"Training with the Institute of Education was a model which really suited me"

Training school: Thames Christian College, London.

Training provider: The Institute of Education

Key stages: 3 & 4

Subjects: Art and Design