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Assessment Only

The assessment only route is available for graduates who have taught unqualified for a number of years, in more than one school.

This experience can include teaching within independent schools and can be in the UK or overseas. Passing the assessment leads to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). The school will work with an initial teacher training (ITT) provider to carry out the assessment.

Experienced unqualified teachers may have shorter training so that the Assessment only route can be completed in one or two terms. This will depend on the training provider with which your school works.

Experienced and qualified overseas teachers need to check the currency of their qualifications with the UK ENIC website. This website provides a statement of comparability that will be needed before you start training for a UK teaching qualification.

For more information about Assessment Only see the Department for Education Get into Teaching website.


Assessment Only Funding

The school in which you are teaching may fund your assessment.

Assessment Only Application

Your school will contact an initial teacher training provider to arrange the assessment.