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How to Apply

Applicants from overseas

Degree from overseas

If you have a degree from an overseas university, you can still gain a teaching qualification in the UK. To do so you will need to check your qualifications for UK equivalency by contacting UK ENIC. You will also need to check with the training provider of the teaching qualification.

Teaching qualification from overseas

If you have been teaching overseas for a number of years and your teaching qualification and degree were gained overseas, in order to get a teaching job in a British independent school, you will need to check current immigration and employment legislation. Then it will largely be a matter for each school to decide but you can check the equivalency of your qualifications by contacting UK ENIC.

Subject knowledge enhancement courses (SKE)

It may be possible to teach a main stream school curriculum area even if you don’t have a degree in that subject. The teacher training provider you apply to may ask you to take an SKE course if they feel you have the right qualities to become a teacher, but need to complete additional subject training first. This could be for several reasons, including:

  • your degree wasn’t in your chosen subject, but is closely related
  • you studied the subject at A level, but not at university
  • you have relevant professional experience, and an SKE course would show you how to apply that to the curriculum and your teaching

These courses are also sometimes recommended for someone wanting a career change as a refresher to their original degree subject. Universities running these courses are listed in SKE Directory and there is further information available at getintoteaching.education.gov.uk.

It is worth being aware, though, that some independent schools are very selective and will expect teachers to be able to teach up to Oxbridge entrance level. They may only be looking at teachers who have very good degrees themselves in the subject they teach.

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Prerequisites for application

  • Undergraduate degree
  • GCSEs grade C or above in English and Maths (Science is also required for Primary)
  • Numeracy and literacy skill test
  • Possibly other school-specific requirements.

Prerequisites for application - Required

  • Undergraduate Degree from a UK Higher Education Institution – in some instances a specific class of degree may be required.
  • GCSE grade C or above in English and Maths (Science is also required for primary) or overseas equivalent.
  • Overseas graduates must have their qualifications verified by UKNARIC.
  • Skills test - You need to pass two skills tests online, numeracy and literacy, before you start your training. The first attempt is free. You can take up to two resits for which you pay. Tests take place at professional test centres.
  • In some instances other requirements may be necessary from the provider or school.

Prerequisites for application - Desirable

  • Some experience of working with children.
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How to apply for the available routes


School Direct training (QTS)

Apply for a post in an independent school which will accept someone without Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

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You can apply to a Higher Education Institution for a PGCE course or you can apply for a job in a school and get a PGCE while working on the job.

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Assessment Only

The school will contact an initial teacher training (ITT) provider to arrange the assessment.

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