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Milton Abbey School

Matthew Way

Deputy Head

School Telephone: +44 (0)1258 880484

Email: info@miltonabbey.co.uk

About the school

Current number of trainees: 2

Key stages trainees can teach: 3, 4 & 5

Subjects trainees can teach: All regular GCSE and A Level subjects

Benefits to School

It offers the chance for a member of staff to be a mentor, which can be an improving experience in itself and can help professional development. In addition, trainees are often able to give back to the school through the extra-curricular programme.


We are a small school and so it has to be the right subject at the right time and we cannot absorb too many trainees at once.

Mentoring arrangements

The Deputy Head is the overall staff mentor and then a subject specific staff mentor is allocated to each trainee.

Mentor's time required


School's management time required

Hard to say as managing ITT is a weekly and on going task. Perhaps 2/3 hours a week.

Trainee engagment

Sport, community service, CCF, DoE.

Overall Experience

We often employ young men and women who have just finished university or a Masters degree and who wish to see what teaching can offer. As a full boarding school, we offer free accommodation for an immersion into school life and the chance to do some team teaching. This will often lead to the school supporting that young person through a PGCE in their second year with the possibility of employment at the end of the year if a vacancy arises. We currently have two members of staff who followed this route, one of whom is already a Head of Department, and another person starting their PGCE in September 2015 on this route.