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School Case Studies

What independent schools say about what it’s like to take a trainee teacher:

"It is true that the independent model allows greater eccentricity in approaches to student development and this is where the trainee teacher can learn most. It gives access to teacher training skills for those who are genuinely interested in teamwork and the future development of trainee and mentor alike." Bethany School, Kent.

"The school has taken the initiative in selecting the trainees we want and this has been followed by an interview in the university. The university has covered topics like pedagogy, behaviour management, styles of learning, and subject specific topics." Durham School, Durham.

"The school will support the trainee teacher through a PGCE in their second year with the possibility of employment at the end of the year if a vacancy arises. Teacher training also offers the chance for a member of staff to be a mentor, which can be an improving experience in itself and can help professional development." Milton Abbey School.

"The school trains teachers according to our policies and procedures and in line with our values. It has been great to have trainees meeting the outstanding criteria by the end of the course. We find that it is helpful for pupils to see each trainee as a 'teacher' rather than a 'trainee'." Thames Christian College, London.

"Teacher training offers a high quality programme around the demands of a busy independent school where trainees take on their own classes from day one and are expected to make a full contribution to the life of the school." St John's, Leatherhead.