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Routes into teaching

Nationally recognised teaching qualifications have traditionally been awarded by Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Recent government initiatives have encouraged training on the job. Funding to award Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) is increasingly being diverted from the HEIs to schools or clusters of schools to support School Direct places. It is therefore likely that all schools will find fewer and fewer trainees coming through the HEI route and independent schools not involved in on the job training may miss out.

There are a number of routes graduates can take into teaching in an independent school. They can apply for a Higher Education course, most likely still to be a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) and having got their qualification apply for a job. Another route is to obtain a job and be trained by the school while in post. Increasingly this training is being formalised and leading to QTS or PGCE with QTS.

School Direct Training (QTS)

School Direct (formerly known as the GTP) allows trainees to do on the job training.

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Graduates can apply to Higher Education for a PGCE course or apply for a job in a school and get a PGCE while working on the job.

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Assessment Only

The assessment only route is available for graduates who have taught unqualified for a number of years.

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