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What will the financial cost be to the school in taking a School Direct trainee?

There is the fee to the initial teacher training provider for training and assessment. This varies from provider to provider. The cheapest charge will be for the Assessment Only route, but this is only available in certain circumstances. Tuition fees are capped at £9,000 – many are around £7,000 per student, for a basic QTS qualification. The trainee will only teach part of a full time teachers timetable - up to 90% but often less than this.
Schools normally pay a salary to the trainee. This is in the school’s discretion. Most schools pay an unqualified teacher salary (c £15-17,000 pa).
Your school may also have to pay for Mentor training based on the requirements of the ITT provider. Your school will also need to consider the cost of time allocated to senior staff for mentoring.
Some schools assess the trainee for a year by employing them as a teaching assistant or unqualified teacher before committing the school to paying for their training.