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  • Initial teacher training in England

    Graduates considering teaching as a career can find out more here.

  • How to get a teaching job

    Find out how to get a job teaching in an independent school.

  • Routes into teaching

    Find out about the different routes into teaching.

  • Teaching careers

    Find out what happens after initial teacher training.

Trainee Teachers

Information on the different routes into teaching, how to gain Qualified Teacher Status and find a job in an independent school.

Independent Schools

Information on how to offer teacher training places in your school and how to help graduates gain Qualified Teacher Status.

This site offers guidance to undergraduates or graduates considering teaching as a career and information to independent schools wanting to train teachers.

Barnaby Lenon talks about the different routes into teaching.

The Independent Schools Council (ISC) represent over 1,300 independent schools, educating more than 500,000 children in the UK, for more information on ISC see www.isc.co.uk. ISC independent schools all belong to our member associations. Schools are only accepted into membership if they meet the association's high standards.